Wiz tots fun class work



Breakfast is served between the above listed hours. If your child is unable to attend, please feed them a healthy balanced meal prior to drop-off

Learning Enrichment: Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Counting, Spanish words & numbers, ABC's, Sing-alongs, Sight Words, Writing, Pre-K curriculum 

Music played while resting:


Soothing Nature and Smooth Rhythmic Sounds calms the most Busiest of Bees.

A hot homemade meal is prepared for the "Wiz Tots" as they slumber. They are served delicious well balanced meals that always accompany a fruit or veggie. 

Afternoon activity is a variety of fun which includes learning colors in spanish, finger painting, musical chairs, free play-time, movie time, dancing, story time or outside play if the weather permits.

Afternoon Activity always work up a small appetite or thirst. We take 30 mins to snack on apple/orange slices, milk or 100% juice or water.

During free play time we let our imaginations take us everywhere! We run jump, play pretend, dress up, bake cookies in our play kitchen, play with our action figures with our friends in the knight's tent...fun!



During wrap up we act as a team and clean up by putting our toys away and helping others. Once the daycare is clean, we watch PBS kids programming while waiting for mommy or daddy for pick-up. 

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